One of our biggest strengths is that we always work in a team. A successful gastronomic experience is not made by the chef (or the sommelier) as an individual person. The experience becomes successful because every detail of the process has been considered and organized carefully from both sides of the kitchen.

“Great food becomes extraordinary when complimented by great service,
just like great service becomes extraordinary when complimented by great food”

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Sebastian Mazzola,

director and head chef of Cooking in Motion, started his cooking career in Argentina when he was 17 years old. 

He traveled and cooked his way through most of Argentina continuing to Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and the U.S. before he first arrived to Spain in 2007 where he did a season at elBulli.

Sebastian was during 2 years the creative director in the Adriá Projects developing new dishes and menus for 41°, Tickets and Pakta.

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Sussie Villarico,

takes care of the organization and is managing the front of the house of Cooking in Motion. 

She has worked in some of the best restaurants in Aarhus, Denmark and in the Adriá Projects in Barcelona including both 41° and Pakta.

Sussie passed the prestigious WSET Sake course exam in London in the beginning of 2015 and has since been working focused to continuously increase her knowledge and skills to become a great sake sommelier.


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The story behind

Sebastian and Sussie first met each other back in 2011. Sebastian had just arrived to Barcelona after a year of work in Denmark and was looking for new adventures. One morning he was spotted at the Boqueria market by Albert Adria´s head chef of his at that time newest project 41°.

At the same time Sussie had also just arrived to Barcelona from Denmark where she had lived all her life. After several insisting emails from her to Albert Adriá she had finally convinced him that she was his perfect candidate to fill out the position as the waiter apprentice for 41°.

Sussie's first memories about 


“41° had been open just about a week when Sebastian joined the team. I clearly remember his first day at work. After only a couple of hours I saw him in a discussion with the head chef. I did not understand much Spanish at that time, especially not with Sebastian’s Argentine accent, but I clearly understood, that he wasn’t satisfied about how something was done. I was really surprised by his courage to question the work of his head chef one his very first day of work. But I quickly found out that that’s just how Sebastian is. He always wants the best and never compromises if he sees a better way to get things done. After only 10 months he took over the head chef position in 41°. Presenting Sebastian's food and thoughts behind it to a guest is something that makes you feel extremely proud"

Sebastian's first memories about 


“My arrival to 41° was one of the coincidences that has changed my life in different terms. My first impression of the place wasn't too good, a bit chaotic, I have to say. But the people working there made a difference for me. One of the persons who especially stood out was Sussie. After never ending days, she always arrived early the next day with a huge smile on her face, making sure to say hi to everyone around. She always started immediately with her duties, trying to improve herself every time. Always happy and always glowing there’s no way to cross her path and not feel that you're around someone special. She finds joy in life and reflects it directly in her work and contact with people, this creates a feeling for the guest that changes a dinner into a real dining experience.”


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